Why Raw?

Ah, the million dollar question.

For me, the answer is pretty selfish.  I feel really good when I eat this way.  I have way more energy.  No more 2 pm slumps.  I don’t feel bloated or blah.

I had read off and on about a raw diet for a few years.  It seemed a bit extreme for me.  I enjoy some cooked foods a lot and couldn’t imagine only eating raw foods.  Yet, about 2 months ago after a particularly bad week of eating (i.e. raiding the kids Easter basket candy multiple times a day, among other infractions) I realized I needed a change.  I personally do better if I make big changes, as it keeps it exciting for me.  Others need to start small and I totally get that too.  So, I decided to eat raw until dinner.  And it wasn’t that hard.  And I felt SO MUCH better all day.

What I found:

1. I already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, so it wasn’t like I had to make a huge change or give up daily burgers and fries.

2.  I live in San Antonio, Texas.  And it’s summer.  So it’s crazy hot.  Cool, crisp foods naturally taste good this time of year.

3.  Knowing that I can have cooked foods at night makes it much easier to stick with the daytime plan.  If I do have a craving (which, oddly, I’ve had way fewer than I expected), I just know I’ll eat it for dinner.

4.  It helps a lot that I spend a lot of time at home.  Eating this way takes more effort and I have the time to devote to that right now.

5. I checked out a couple of Raw Food Books from the library.  One was way too hippy and had too many rules.  I don’t need a complicated method now. So I took it back.  The other one, Living Raw Food, was much better and very fun to peruse.

6.  The Choosing Raw blog has been very inspiring and I head to it daily to look up recipes or ideas.

7. I don’t have a fundamental issue with cooking foods.  Clearly it is a luxury to live a life where I can choose the state of my food. I know that.  I don’t buy all the arguments for a 100% raw life.  All I know is that I feel good when I eat this way. I can’t really poke holes in a diet (using that word to refer to a way of eating, not a weight loss plan) that encourages consumption of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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