Almond Milk

As a proud nurser of two kids, I’ve made plenty of milk in the last few years.  I heart breastfeeding.  But, my nursing days are over (bye 500 calorie a day easiest workout ever and bye ample bosom) and I haven’t ‘made’ milk in awhile.  Until today….

I made Almond Milk!  Yay me! Yes, it’s really easy.  And yes, it’s not ‘real’ milk.  But, still,  I did it!  And I love it!

1. Soak almonds overnight (I did 1 c the first time and 1/2 cup the next time – it all depends on how much milk you want to make).

2. Drain and rinse almonds.  Add almonds and water to a blender in a 1:4 almond:water ratio.  I’ve also add 1 date and a splash of vanilla to make it a bit sweeter, since I knew I’d be using it to made smoothies.

3. Blend on high until white and creamy.

4. Drain through cheesecloth – takes about 30 minutes.

5. That’s all! Seal and store in the fridge and enjoy.


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