Banana Pancakes

Back in my corporate food scientist days I made A LOT of pancakes. I worked on a popular baking mix, trying to improve the health profile. So I made pancakes, lots of pancakes, daily in the lab for months to test out the different formulations. On taste test days, me and a team of pancake flippers would pack up our griddles, spatulas and mixes and head across town to various taste-testing sites and make pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes for testers to evaluate.  Glamorous job, I know, but someone has to do it.

Incidentally, I was pregnant with my daughter while working on this project and she definitely has a love for pancakes.  Of all things to have to eat daily when pregnant, pancakes aren’t bad.

All that to say, I have evaluated pancakes more thoroughly than most.  You haven’t lived until you’ve sat in a fancy meeting room with a bunch of well paid marketers, salespeople and R&D and discussed pancakes out the wazoo.  Debating things like flat vs. fluffy, buttermilk vs plain milk, round or square?  Just kidding on the last one.

Now that I’m a domestic food scientist (and I just made that term up), I have exponentially scaled back my pancake making.  I do make scratch buttermilk pancakes for the kids most Saturdays.  This past Saturday I had an unfortunate melting of a cookie-cutter that I tried to use to make my daughter a butterfly shaped pancake.  Two science degrees and I don’t think twice about putting plastic on a hot pan?  Yeah, I’m kinda dumb at times.

Finally getting to the raw food part of this long, rambling post…

I tried the Banana Pancake recipe in Ani Phyo’s Ani’s Raw Food Essentials.  It’s pretty simple: bananas, brazil nuts and ground flax mixed and dehydrated.


After (hello enzymatic oxidative browning):

The texture is not a match to a cooked pancake.  It’s more like a cross between a thick piece of fruit leather and a traditional pancake.  Pretty dense, but not unappetizingly so (like the disaster scones).

I’ve eaten them as second breakfasts this week.  Am I alone in eating 2 breakfasts?  I start the day with a green smoothie, but tend to want something else around 10.

Raw Banana Pancakes with Strawberry Jam and Diced Almonds

I also eat them like a piece of bread with peanut butter (not raw) spread on them.

Definitely a recipe I’ll repeat.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Haha- I love your R&D tales of pancakes. I always imagine people sitting around in fancy suits and discussing the “bendiness” of the straws and things like that.


  2. it would be fun to make a raw butterfly pancake too. easier to do with plastic. 🙂


  3. those look SO frackin tasty. get in mah belleh!


  4. I want that job.

    I think a degree (or even ) 2 in science makes us LESS smart than the average person. All of our common sense brain space is usurped by esoteric information.


  5. […] Breakfast: Raw Banana Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce and Almonds. These raw pancakes have a fruit-leather meets corn tortilla. I […]


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