Working It

I’ve survived (and loved) the first two weeks of Insanity.  It’s tough.  There is lots of sweat involved.  I may even yell out “yeah, right” at beautiful Shaun T. when he asks for a third set of Level Two drills.

How many pushups do you want me to do?  Yeah right.

But, it’s awesome so far.  I’ve been impressed at what  my not-in-my-twenties-and-I’ve-had-two-kids body can do.  The husband and I workout as soon as he gets home from work and the kids get to watch 45 minutes of a movie on the computer.  They are thrilled and ask me to ‘go exercise’ several times a day.  It seems a bit wrong at times to put them in front of the TV so I can get some physical activity, but there isn’t really any other way the husband and I can both workout without doing so.  Plus, if you’ve spent 2.5 seconds around my kids, you’ll know they aren’t exactly sedentary.

I love, love, love how I feel after a Insanity workout. Sweaty (seriously sweaty), but accomplished and proud.  Wanna see just how sweaty?

Never ever thought I’d be posting a picture of me in a sports bra, but here goes…..

It’s a pretty tame photo.  Look closely and you’ll see that my hair is wet, my entire upper body is dripping and my lower body is as well.

My abs have looked like this TWICE….

so, I’m not going to be sporting a six pack any time soon.  Maybe I’ll someday post a picture of my post-two-kids belly.  Or maybe not.  There will have to be wine involved. Oh, there goes Michelle, drunk blogging again…..

Anyone else doing Insanity?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ginnie on August 16, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Drunk blogging! Ha Ha! I’d love to read those posts!


  2. Don’t feel bad about the kiddos watching a little bit of TV while you and your hubby workout together. 45 minutes won’t hurt them, and you and your hubby are getting time TOGETHER. That’s awesome!
    I have done a round of insanity and then moved on to turbofire. I’m about to start a round of P90X/Insanity. I have never sweat before like I do in Insanity! It’s amazing! And I’ve had 2 kiddos and have abs that I’ve never had before. It works! 🙂
    Keep up the great work!!


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