The Dark (red) Side of Green Smoothies

Who is the biggest moron?  ME!!!!

My free tip for the day: don’t stick your hand into a moving blender in order to push the kale down a bit further.

I don’t know what hurts more, my pride or my mangled fingers.


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  1. […] August 17, 2010 by Michelle (Housewife in the Raw) in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment I had a really dumb blender accident. As in, I’m really dumb for sticking my fingers in a moving blender.  Really, really […]


  2. Don’t feel bad…I use the handle of a long metal spoon. I’m not the brightest


  3. […] each time I fire it up.  I’m also a bit skeeved out when I think about my previous blender blunder and that, if I was idiotic enough to repeat it, the Vitamix would, well, not be as kind to my […]


  4. […] of this boring year.  Well, not the minutes with potty training accidents, or the minutes that I stuck my hand in a blender, but most of the minutes have been as blissfully uneventful as life with two young children can […]


  5. […] once stuck my fingers into a moving blender (not the VitaMix) to push some kale down a bit further. Turns out that isn’t too smart. […]


  6. […] will not stick my fingers in a blender ever, ever […]


  7. […] in the Raw) in Dehydrator, Recipes. Tagged: dehydrator, kale. Leave a Comment First there was the kale smoothie blender accident.  I assumed it was all my fault.  Seriously, anyone distracted enough to push down something into […]


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