I will not fear the blender

I had a really dumb blender accident. As in, I’m really dumb for sticking my fingers in a moving blender.  Really, really dumb.

But, I will not let the inner cringing that now occurs when I use hear the blender  crush the ice keep me from my green smoothies!  Repeat after me: I am not afraid.  I will NOT stick my fingers in a small container with a rapidly moving series of metal blades.

In case you can’t see theobvious bandages that I must wear, and therefore have to tell my story to post office clerks, cashiers and random people out and about, here is a closer picture, courtesy of my 4 yr old.  You can see my 2 yr old’s cute little messy hair too.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Ouch! Hope they heal really quick. I’ve done dumber things. I broke my own finger by slamming it in the door.


  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I’m buying you a spoon!


  3. […] am giddy each time I fire it up.  I’m also a bit skeeved out when I think about my previous blender blunder and that, if I was idiotic enough to repeat it, the Vitamix would, well, not be as kind to […]


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