Time Commitment of Raw Food

Getting ready to make Buckwheat Crispies and Cranberry Maple Granola.

I get comments about ‘not having time’ for raw foods often.  True, eating raw can involve more planning, but to me it doesn’t take much more hands-on time.

In it’s simplest form, eating raw can be as easy as a quick smoothie, a big salad and snacks of nuts, fruits and vegetables.  Those types of things don’t take much more time than a standard diet.

I’m enjoying taking a raw food diet to another level with my dehydrator.  Using a dehydrator opens the door to foods like granola, ‘breads’, cookies and crackers. They are not necessary for a raw diet, but, for me, they allow for more variety and more experimenting in the kitchen.  As a domestic food scientist (my made-up job title), I love trying and modifying recipes.

As for the time involved, there is more planning.  Nuts and seeds are best when soaked (read this and this), so I have to plan to have 8 hours of soaking time.  Most dehydrator recipes need 8-12 hours of dehydrating, so I have to plan for that.  Hands on time is minimal, but actual time to make a batch of granola is 20-24 hours.  Typically I soak the seeds and nuts overnight, mix the granola in the morning and let it dehydrate all day.

I think a raw diet can take as much time as you want to put into it.  As can a cooked food diet.  I’m having to plan a bit more, but I don’t find myself spending more time in the kitchen.

One response to this post.

  1. You are right, it is not just time, it is planning ahead and remembering to soak stuff. if you are used to prepared foods you will have to make your own versions too. but you get used to it.


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