Breakfast Parfait


                         I don't care... what everyone likes.
                         Ogres are not like cakes.

                         You know what else everybody likes?
                         Parfaits. Have you ever met a person,
                         you say, "Let's get some parfait," they
                         say, "Hell no, I don't like no parfait"?
                         Parfaits are delicious.

Yes they are donkey, yes they are.

I’ve enjoyed this breakfast a couple of times recently and it feels like eating a big ice cream dessert, which feels almost naughty.  Hey – I’m a stay at home mom, I need some excitement from time to time that doesn’t involve diapers failing to contain what they are made to contain and/or small children running towards moving cars. So breakfast sundaes it is!

I make a batch of overnight oats  and a batch of banana soft serve and layer them in a glass.  Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly crazy, I top it with coconut.  I tell you, my life should be a reality show.

4 responses to this post.

  1. This looks amazing. And not just amazing, A M A Z I N G. I bet it tasted even better than that, too. Wow. Banana soft service is sooooooo good. Overnight oats mixed in there- fantastic. 🙂


  2. this looks amazing! i love the glasses- i think the dishes/mugs that i eat and drink out of are just as important as the meal itself! maybe its weird, but it just adds a little something, especially when eating parfait out of a wine glass! 🙂


    • I agree! When I sat down with the wine glass parfait, the husband looked over and said “what are you eating? And isn’t that a fancy breakfast.” It felt very luxurious and I loved it!! But the juice glass held more, so I used that one for the second parfait. Sometimes I go with quantity over presentation. Depends on the day.


  3. In response to your comment, personally I don’t mind seeing a cooked recipe here and there if it’s vegan or at least not meat. do what you want!


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