Wrapping it Up

I’ve been on a collard wrap binge lately.  Pre-raw, I wasn’t a big fan of collard greens.  They are extremely good for you, but I didn’t care for their taste or texture cooked, unless they were chopped up itty bitty into a soup.

Turns out I prefer them raw.  I make wraps with whatever cashew spread I have on hand, typically either garlic cashew mayo or cashew red pepper spread.  I then top it with whatever veggies I have on hand, thinly sliced.  I make 3-4  and find it to be a perfectly filling and crunchy lunch.

What’s for lunch for you these days?


4 responses to this post.

  1. ooooooh yum! i’ve had collard greens, but never used the leaves as a wrap. i’ve used huge romaine leaves as wraps though.
    for lunch recently, i’ve been having baked potatoes alot, topped with avocado, salsa, and broccoli. hits the spot every time 🙂
    sorry to hear about your little guy ending up in the ER 😦
    that’s the ONLY thing i don’t like about this time of year….little ones seem to get sick much more often. helpless feeling when you’re a mommy.


  2. cashew chocolate coconut butter?! i may have to create this….


  3. […]  I don’t like collard greens in smoothies.  I do like using them for wraps (like these and these), but even then, only eat 3-4 leaves.  With this recipe, a cooked one, I ate the entire bunch in […]


  4. […] After reading Gena’s tutorial on Collard Wraps and realizing I had been wrapping them wrong all this time (oh the horror), I rectified the situation and made a proper Collard Wrap.  I’m glad to […]


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