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Bitt of Raw : Pros and Cons of Raw Food

Choosing Raw : Raw Food Panacea?

Marie Claire article that’s created quite a stir in the Healthy Living Blog community.

Raw Food Criticism


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  1. Wow that Marie Claire article was pretty interesting! What do you think about it?


  2. It made some valid points, but the author seemed to have an agenda as well. Some of the healthy living bloggers do spend a lot of time and efforts detailing their lives and meals and I have to wonder if it can become an obsession and not just a hobby or even a job. It’s a gray area. What did you think?


  3. The only blog I follow out of that group is Kath Eats and even then I don’t really read her blog much because she has a script running on her page that shuts down my browser sometimes…LOL
    I thought it was pretty interesting because I never looked at those blogs in that way; perhaps the author had an agenda, but perhaps she is highlighting a real obsessiveness some of these bloggers do have. I mean, it is kinda strange to blog what you eat every day and photograph it. I don’t really follow blogs like that, I prefer blogs that post recipes and such. One thing I did notice though from the article is that all of these bloggers are runners and I have observed in general that people that seem to be obsessive about food/body image tend to be runners (as their main source of activity). It’s not necessarily true, but it is something I’ve observed! I think I’m babbling now.. LOL


    • I’ve noticed the same thing about runners. I’m not a runner (thanks to inheriting my Dad’s bad knees), so I don’t really know that mentality. I don’t follow any of those bloggers either, mainly because I don’t want food to be my life. Obviously I enjoy food and spend more time than some preparing and blogging about it, but I don’t want my day to revolve around meals. Therefore I can’t really relate to people that seem to do that and therefore I’m not drawn to their blogs.


      • I run maybe once, maximum twice a week to maintain some sort of cardiovascular fitness, but it is definitely not my sole source of exercise; I play soccer and my main activity is probably weight training.

        I hear you on not wanting your day to be focused around food and meals; I felt that when I used to compete in bodybuilding. I am soooo glad to be away from that now.

  4. i loveloveloveeee steel cut with cinnamon and apples, topped with a few walnuts for crunch. ohh so delicious. sometimes i put it in the crock pot in the morning (if i have time) and let it blend all together and let the aromas take over my house 🙂 soaking it the night before is a good idea! usually just do that with regular oats but I should try with steel cut


  5. Posted by Stacy on October 12, 2010 at 3:29 am

    peanut butter and honey!


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