A Few of My Favorite Things

A fantastic book – Year of Wonders by G. Brooks – and creamy, sweet breakfast drink

These pumpkin scones (uh, not raw, 🙂 in case you couldn’t tell)

My little pumpkins

Another batch of orange-avocado sorbet, shared with my little guy (who is temporarily named snot-machine), in hopes the the Vitamin C will help his little cold.

Also –

The movie Cars. We watched it for the first time on Friday night and I was thrilled to discover a Disney movie that doesn’t have an evil mother figure, dying parent or emphasis on the prince saving the princess.

30 Rock.  Love, love, love that show.

Groupon – just redeemed a 10 class card at a yoga studio and am so excited about the next 9 classes.  In January I’m going to redeem another groupon for Bikram yoga which should be interesting to say the least.  Have also used Groupons recently for a pumpkin patch and my favorite burrito place (Freebirds).

What are you loving these days?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Love the kid pics! Lovely looking family.


  2. I’m loving this post! I must make those scones… and that smoothie to go with it. And now I have a new book to add to my list! thanks!

    I am lucky to be alive and healthy. And employed. And have an amazing family. 🙂


  3. Posted by Kate on October 20, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    thanks for stopping my my blog! you and your kids are very photogenic! what am i currently loving? fall in minnesota! it is my favorite season 🙂


  4. Super nice photo of you and the kids 🙂
    Wow-i never considered those qualities about Cars….in a way the girl kinda rescues the guy. Nice change of pace, eh? 🙂


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