Muffin Tin Lunches (for the Munchkins)

My daughter has definitely inherited my love of variety in her meals.  She is not a one-food girl.  I hear of kids that will only eat one food and demand that food for every meal.  That is not her.  She wants 4-5 things at each meal.  Sometimes I love that because it allows for a variety of nutrients.  Other times it can be a bit of a burden, like the time we went to a birthday party and they served only pizza and she almost couldn’t eat because she wanted “more things on her plate, please.”  I ended up scrounging for cheerios and pistachios from my bag in order to break the monotony of her plate.

raisins, cashews, cucumbers, strawberries, broccoli slaw, grapes
bananas, peanuts, red peppers, cheerios, celery, crackers

My little guy, however, is another story.  Same parents (no scandal here), same exposure to foods and even a front row seat to his beloved big sister’s full and diverse plates, and, well, he’s fine with one thing on his plate.  He thankfully isn’t the type of kid who only eats one thing, but I think he could be if he had a different mom.  Lucky for him (or unlucky?), I am as stubborn as he is and I fill his plate with several things.  Granted some go untouched, but I keep on keeping on.  He’s actually making progress with his vegetable consumption – last night he only nibbled on his rice and beans and asked for thirds of his cucumbers and carrots.  He won’t be eating red peppers anytime soon like his big sister was doing at his age, but, dog gone it, he may just learn to appreciate foods that aren’t Cheerios.

no one was toothpick stabbed in the making of this picture:

red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms, peanuts, strawberries, cucumbers
carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, avocados, cashews, oranges

Both kids really like Muffin Tin Lunches and I try to make them once a week.  It consists of me filling up a muffin tin with twelve different things and letting them duke it out as they jump in and start eating.  Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly reckless, I give them toothpicks and let them spear the food.  I always keep a box of band-aid handy.  🙂  Other times, when I’m not feeling up to playing referee, I use my mini-muffin tins and make one for each of them.

for my little man: cashews, cucumbers, cheese, frozen corn, carrots, spinach
coleslaw, peanuts, celery, grapes, oranges, cheerios

for my little lady: cashews, tomatoes/cucumbers, cheese, red peppers, carrots, spinach, coleslaw, peanuts, celery, grapes, oranges, cheerios


9 responses to this post.

  1. So cute! You are channeling Sheri from Green and Crunchy. She lives through others!


  2. What a great idea!!! I love it!
    I must start icorporating this into our routine. My daughter isn’t picky as far as how many different items are on her plate, but this is still a fun idea to incorporate new foods. 🙂


  3. What a completely creative idea! I love this! So healthy too- and fun for kids (or adults.. ahem…) to eat!


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of muffin tin lunches. Wowee, you are so clever. When my little one is finally born and old enough to eat solids in this fun way, I am so going to copy your creativity. Very smart indeed!


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  6. Posted by Kate on October 30, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    what a cute idea! i love it. it is fun and exposes kiddos to a variety of food. yay!


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