600 mile road trip with 2 kids may not be worth it. Although, they do sell cheap wine, so I could relax in NM after I arrived.

Anyone want to start a Bring Trader Joe’s to Texas campaign with me?



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  1. Posted by Kerri on November 5, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Our TJ’s just opened 2 weeks ago. I’ve already been once. We have plans to go once a month. You should join us. I was actually not very impressed, but I did buy a whole case of 3 buck chuck so it wasn’t a total loss.


    • I grew to love it in MN. You’ll quickly find things that you love and can’t buy elsewhere. Right now you should get some of their holiday chocolates – so good for the price! I’d also love some of that peanut flour that all the Healthy Living blogs are raving about. Little A lived on their hummus, veggie ‘meatballs’ and veggie corn dogs from age 1-2. They also have great prices on natural cleaners and toiletries. And tea. And trail mix. Oh how I miss it…..


  2. you dont have a TJ’s in texas?!!? O my goodness. I am so sorry. Honestly though, they are opening everywhere and fingers crossed hopefully near you soon!! If you have any requests I would gladly send out a package 🙂


  3. Girl, I’m totally with you on that!!! I used to live in CA where trader joes was everywhere and now that I’m back in TExas I never get trader joes!!!!!! Count me in on this campaign!!!


  4. Posted by Kate on November 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    ooooo! i think i may need to stop today! any items you must have?! let me know and we could an exchange. tj goods for something fun and texassy!


  5. I think TJ’s needs to expand to other places much faster. Every major US city should have one. Right now my favorite woman works in the TJ’s in my city. I like the brown basmati rice that comes from India.


  6. […] my post lamenting the 600 mile distance between me and Trader Joe’s, Kate over at For the Love Of […]


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