When life hands you carrot pulp, make falafels

This is the part 2 in the consumption of the carrots first used in the Raw Carrot Ginger Soup.  I had a juicer full of carrot pulp and headed to google to find a use.  It took me to one of my favorite food blogs,Choosing Raw. I was happy to see that I had all the ingredients and that it looked like something I’d like.

I made the Carrot Falafels with Tahini Saucesee recipe here.

No offense to Gena at Choosing Raw, but I bet I had a cuter kitchen assistant:  

She happily stirred, but said she wouldn’t eat the ‘carrot balls.’  She is a good eater, but fresh sesame seeds, parsley and cilantro are a bit much for her.  I’ll keep trying.


Quite tasty.  Definitely a repeater and a great way to use carrot pulp.  The texture reminded me of a crab cake.  It wasn’t as wet and dense as some raw patties can be.  I also liked that there wasn’t an overriding flax seed taste.

I made my pretty plate (see above) and then started to eat when I heard a toilet flush.  My 5 yr old daughter and I were the only potty trained people at home and we were both in the kitchen.  I ran in to find my 2 year old running out of the bathroom saying “I did it, I made the toy go away!”  Lovely.

Suffice to say, the falafels were the best part of my lunch experience.  That’ll teach me to turn my eyes from the kids and spend time drizzling sauce and taking pictures of my food.  🙂

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  1. Posted by Kate on November 15, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    oh! these look yummy! and i am totally laughing about the toy. hehehe! i ventured out in the snow on saturday to put a box in the mail for you. it should be arriving at the end of the week!


  2. You definitely have a cuter helper than I did when I made these!


  3. The fact that your 2 year old isn’t scared of the toilet flushing is a good thing, right?

    I haven’t tried those falafels yet but they look good.


  4. These look outrageously great! Yum, yum, yum! And yes, definitely a nutritious, lower fat than nuts, and tasty way to make/use carrot pulp. or any pulp for that matter. Love the sauce too.

    So, at least your little boy used the toilet for something.. haha! So funny. RIP toy.


  5. those do look good!! sorry about the toilet incident 😦 everything workin’ all right in the bathroom?


  6. Aww, cute helper! The falafels look tasty!!! UH OH on the toilet flushing, my 2.5 year old has also learned the “joy” of flushing. The other day he tried to flush the entire roll of toilet paper. Yay toddlers…



  7. She is certainly a cuter helper! It will be fun when M gets to be that age for us to cook together. Right now she just tries to spoon things out onto the counter. LOL


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