Creamy Arugula Soup

Last week I picked up a bunch of arugula on a whim at the grocery store.  I’m a crazy one, let me tell you. Woo-hoo!  Others get tattoos on a whim, married in Vegas on a whim, quit a job on a whim.  I, well I buy greens.  Some might say my life is boring, but I say boring is wonderful.  We had a couple of really tough years and I have loved every minute of this boring year.  Well, not the minutes with potty training accidents, or the minutes that I stuck my hand in a blender, but most of the minutes have been as blissfully uneventful as life with two young children can be.

Back to my spontaneiously purchased arugula.  I hereby present…..

Raw Creamy Arugula Soup

3-4 c washed and rinsed arugula leaves
1 medium avocado
1/3 c pine nuts
2 Tb lime juice
salt to taste
1 c water

Blend all ingredients until smooth and serve.

It tasted a bit like pesto and I may try to make a arugula pesto someday to try over zucchini.  Pine nuts are up there with coconut in the ‘foods I can’t get enough of’ category, so I liked this soup a lot.  It did taste a bit summer-y for me and I think I’ll hold off on making it until the weather warms up.  Which in Texas, may mean tomorrow.


3 responses to this post.

  1. That looks beautifully delicious!


  2. YUM. So creamy and good for you!


  3. So I have a TON of arugula from my garden just hanging out in my freezer, and I was thinking about making arugula pesto – this looks great. You should eat some on that spaghetti squash….did you ever cook it? I can’t get enough of them lately.


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