Trader Joe’s Comes to Texas (kind of)

After my post lamenting the 600 mile distance between me and Trader Joe’s, Kate over at For the Love Of Breakfast, sweetly offered to do an exchange.  Um, yes please!  I took her up on it very, very quickly. I shopped for some Texas goodies and made some raw cranberry maple granola, macaroons and salt and pepper seeds.

This Tuesday I was treated with the box in the mail.  As a side note, how fun is it to get actual, non-bill/advertisement/solicitation mail?  I actually giggled when I saw the package.

Know what was under this adult oriented paper?

Something decidedly less racy, but it got me squealing with pleasure:

It’s Mine!  All Mine!  I finally got some!

I also got the following goods:

I may have eaten a pistachio toffee while cooking dinner last night, when my kids were distracted.  Just minutes after I told them they could not have a pretzel since ‘dinner is almost ready.’  Sometimes it’s fun to be the mom and get to make your own rules.

Thank you so much Kate!  You made my day!

Okay, what should I make with the peanut flour?

6 responses to this post.

  1. Peanut butter cookies for sure!! I wish I could still eat peanuts. 😦

    Love the adult oriented packaging…you may be on to something here!


  2. Posted by Kate on November 19, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    oh my gosh!!!!! i am so embarassed by the newspaper! blasted citypages and their dirty back section. hope none of the kiddos saw that!


  3. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! it definitely IS something to be excited about, huh? 🙂

    i’ve mixed it into my morning hot rice cereal and made single serving mug-cakes with mine 🙂
    today i plan on making GF cookies with it.


  4. yayyy peanut flour!!!! love it!!


  5. […] opened the TJ Peanut Flour (thanks to Kate) and made Peanut Flour+Banana+Almond Milk+Ice ‘ice cream’ in the […]


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