Good Reads – Fat and More

Not all Saturated Fats are Bad at Whole Wheat or Bust

Discussion on Vegan/Veg Processed Foods vs. Less Processed Veg/Vegan/Animal alternatives (for those that aren’t vegan for moral reasons) on Choosing Raw.  I like the discussion about soy pros and cons, as well as the saturated fat discussion.

The Truth about Coconut Oil

Can you tell I’m pro-fat?  Or, more accurately, pro-the right fats.


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  1. I don’t really see Choosing Raw’s article as a processed vegan fats versus non-vegan whole foods debate at all. I don’t think vegans need to rely on processed alternatives for dairy or meat at all.


  2. Interesting take away! I was trying to say that the debate was between processed omni options vs. unprocessed omni options. I think vegan options are always the way to go, unilaterally. But I can’t force everyone to be vegan, so I was trying to say what I’d recommend to an omni — animal food+processing, or animal food w/out processing? The latter is what I’d suggest, though I tried to make it clear that I’ll still always preference vegan choices.

    Love that the post inspired you!


    • Almost all of your posts inspire me!

      Since I’m not vegan, I’d rate in this order: vegan unprocessed (i.e. coc btr), animal minimally processed (organic butter), vegan processed (Earth Balance), animal processed (margarine). But, I know that those who are vegan would always go with vegan choices.

      I save butter for the dishes that must have it and go with coconut oil for everything else.


  3. I am so flattered that you liked my article! Thank you for spreading the fat love!!


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