Merry Christmas From Myself To Myself

So, um, I bought myself something. Two somethings. During December. Before I had bought anything for my own parents. Good thing I know Santa and can explain….

A friend had recommended Clean Food and, after checking it out of the library and realizing I didn’t want to hand-copy every single recipe down, I decided to buy my own copy.  As a side note, I love ‘screening’ books from the library first.  It is a great money saver, as some cook books only have a couple of recipes that I will actually make and I can learn that before spending the money on the book.  Others, like this one, I realize are worth the money.

Any fantastic cookbooks that are new to you ?

Anyone else buy themselves things while they are supposed to be shopping for others? Like the sweater I bought myself at Costco yesterday in addition to my dad’s gift?  Or the ‘one for her, one for me’ dark chocolate bars for my mother in law?


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  1. I screen books from the library all the time. Sometimes at the bookstore too.

    Presents for myself? What’s that? Kidding. Yes, of course I buy myself gifts. Probably more than I buy for others.


  2. Posted by Kate on December 19, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    yay! isn’t that book awesome! let me know what you think of eat, drink and be vegan. i’ve looked at that one many times.

    my aunt sent me mastering the art of french cooking for my christmas gift. it is so pretty and i am excited to make something from it.


  3. Both books look great, I think I might have to get those today while I’m out shopping for the Husband 😉



  4. I LOVE the library. i haven’t actually bought a book in so long.
    and yes, i am so guilty of buying something for myself while shopping for others.
    I got myself 2 new noserings 🙂


  5. Both of those books I want to get! And the library doesn’t have either one.


  6. Posted by Kerri on December 24, 2010 at 3:28 am

    You know, they didn’t have any vegan books at my library. I got a raw food cookbook instead.


  7. […] a library cookbook addict and only a very small percentage of the books I check out actually become books I buy.  One of those was Eat Drink and Be […]


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