Did You Know Gullible Isn’t in the Dictionary?

I worked in the food industry for 6 years.  I worked side by side with food marketers and consider myself immune to their creative names and dubious yet wonderfully worded claims.  That is until you promise me Serenity. For $2.99 a box, I get 15 cups of peace.  Guaranteed, right?

You know when Serenity is particularly needed?  When your 5 year old does art on her 2 year old brother’s face.  Yes, face.

Actually, maybe I should put down the tea cup and get out the wine glass.  Chardonnay = Serenity. If only it was $2.99 for 15 glasses.

6 responses to this post.

  1. hahaha I agree, I willbe having a glass of wine tongiht for some much needed serenity


  2. Oh no! My daughter used to get into all sorts of crazy shenanigans when I would sit down to nurse the baby. One day she found the sharpies and went to town all over her body. Yikes!



  3. Posted by Kate on January 15, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    ha! one summer at day camp, i went outside to find that my 5-6 yr old group had become the “mustache gang” and were all sporting marker mustaches and funny eyebrows. i was amused and the kids had great fun. most of their parents did not find this funny 😉


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