Pretty in Pink Pickled Radishes

I’ve been hogging Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet from the library (as in renewed it 3 times, took a 2 week break and then picked it up again last week).  I will say that most of her macrobiotic recipes aren’t too family friendly, at least for my mainstream tastebuds kids and husband, but I’m enjoying making some of them for myself.

This is my first foray into macrobiotic foods and I’m tip toeing in slowly.  I’m learning about umeboshi plums, but haven’t worked up enough courage to either (1.)  spend $12 for a small container of them at whole foods or (2.) actually eat something described as ‘extremely sour and salty.’  I did splurge on the vinegar, after seeing it mentioned in several recipes in both The Kind Diet and Clean Foods.

For my first experiment with ume vinegar, I made Alicia’s (we have to be on a first name basis simply due to the number of times I’ve seen Clueless) recipe for Pickled Radishes, which is a bit like this recipe over on allrecipes. Her recipe has a different ume vinegar:water ratio and doesn’t cook the radishes.



They are really good and embarrassingly easy.  I’ve been eating a few at a time between meals when I get the urge to snack but am not actually hungry.  The salty/tart/crunchy combo hits the spot.

Any of you have any experience with macrobiotics?


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  1. Posted by Kate on January 15, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    i have to check out this one too. i have also picked up and back ume plums multiple times as well. but the vinegar is more affordable and i love pickled things…

    at one point in my life, i could definitely recite most scenes from clueless 🙂


  2. i used macrobiotics a couple years ago to help with my digestion. it definitely helped reduce bloating and cause a lot of the inflammation i was experiencing. it was great for pms as well! plus the recipes are so simple and balanced really well with fibre and carbs that my energy was pretty good and i didnt experience as many blue moods as i was used to!



  3. oh man! I’m definitely going to have to try this out!! Those look wonderful!


  4. I hogged that book from the library a while back too. And you aren’t missing much with plums. I have some in my fridge…actually they are probably bad now; I got them months ago!


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  6. We haven’t tried it yet but we’re very excited to learn! You make this look easy. I’m reading The China Study right now but The Kind Diet is next on my list of books to read.


  7. oh my gosh-i love almost anything (veggie) pickled! i’m definitely gonna have to try that recipe 🙂


  8. Umeboshi plums are sooooooooooooo good. I recommend getting either the paste or just the vinegar but both delicious- and really weird tasting at the same time. And probably the most expensive thing I have purchased in that small quantity.

    They’re really good mixed into scrambled eggs- which totally defeats the purpose of the whole vegan concept. lol


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