What I Ate – Monday’s Menu

Linking up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.



Here was Monday’s eats:

Morning Juice Ingredients (which I had to re-arrange when I realized the first arrangement (with the cuke and carrot perpendicular to the bag, between the two round fruits) looked rather, uh, male)

The Juice. I hadn’t juiced in a few weeks, but felt the need for an instant energy fix after a rough night with my sick little guy.  The juice did it’s magic and had me feeling almost normal and ready to face a day of kid chasing.

Breakfast a couple of hours later was steel cut oats topped with bananas, coconut and pecans.

I snacked on some Hail Merry Grawnola while writing my review and giveaway.  Good stuff.

For lunch I turned leftover Cracklin Cauliflower from Peas and Thank You into a curried cauliflower soup.  I added some vegetable broth, a splash of rice milk and half of a (leftover) boiled potato and blended away.  My husband has an almost instant gag reflex to even the smell of curry powder, so I have to consume my RDA of curries during lunch.



It made two of these bowls and I ate both.

I had a afternoon snack of a banana-almond milk-coconut smoothie.  Which looks awesome atop an Elmo placemat.

For dinner I made pizzas.  The kids had a cheese pizza which they barely touched.  Nice.  The husband and I did our usual his and hers pizza.  He had chicken apple sausage with peppers and I had spinach, goat cheese, pine nuts and red peppers.  We ate the whole thing.  Nice.

Looking back, it was a pretty appliance heavy day.  I used the juicer, rice cooker (to cook the oats overnight), Vita Mix (twice), Kitchen Aid (to make the pizza dough), stove top and oven.  No wonder I felt all dishwashed out that night.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my eats.  Go enter the Hail Merry giveaway and come back Friday for another giveaway.


10 responses to this post.

  1. appliance heavy means you totally were willing to do the work it took to get yummy food! Umm…. KUDOS! ❤ I totally agree though, using too many makes me feel like i'm up to my neck in soap and scrubbers!

    The pizza and juice look awesome! Thanks for joining me love! =)


  2. sounds like my life with the appliances – I use the Vita almost every day, usually multiple times per day – best appliance ever 🙂


  3. I wish I ate like that on Monday! Everything looks so good!!! I’m so jealous you have a vitamix, I want one soooo badly!!!!


  4. I use the Vita at least twice a day and Ryan probaby twice a day as well. It gets used!!! Dishes-bane of my existence. 🙂 Your food looks amazing!


  5. gah, dont you just love the vitamix? a meal in a minute!


  6. thats a darn good menu. I love the chicken apple sausage! Its delicious. I’m off to go enter in the granola giveaway!!


  7. Your phallic juice comment made me giggle! 😉


  8. Do you even know how bad I want a juicer? I keep hoping my fiance will surprise me with one one of these days…but I might just have to get it myself! 🙂
    Yum, what a great day of eats too! (I always eat the whole pizza!)


  9. Sounds yummy!!


  10. […] with last week, it was a pretty appliance heavy day again.  I used the crockpot to make some veggie broth for the […]


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