All the Cool Kids Eat Collard Wraps

After reading Gena’s tutorial on Collard Wraps and realizing I had been wrapping them wrong all this time (oh the horror), I rectified the situation and made a proper Collard Wrap.  I’m glad to finally be legitimate in my wrapping.  It’s like finally sitting at the popular table.

Turns out the secret is in cutting the stem slightly off, not removing it.  Who knew?  Clearly not me.

The kids and I did a picnic lunch last week.  They had pb&j, as collard wraps aren’t exactly their style.  I keep hoping they’ll come around, but am not holding my breath.  I used hummus (store bought/not raw), romaine and red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, red peppers and carrots.

Rolled it all up…. voila!

I also made a dessert wrap with almond butter and banana.

I love wraps for sack lunches, as they travel and keep well.  It’s like a hand held salad – no utensils needed.

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  1. yeah… I was wrapping them ‘wrong’ too – and I always wondered why they wouldn’t always wrap up quite right! gotta love tutorials 🙂 your wraps look yummy!


  2. Posted by Kate on January 31, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    oooo! i like this idea. my fool proof meal lately has been beans, collards and rice. why not wrap the beans and rice in the collard?!


  3. Looking pretty delicious, all of it!


  4. Haha! I realized after Gena’s post that I had been wrapping them wrong too! I tried to get the kiddos to eat them once…it was a no go! PB sammies to the rescue!


  5. those collard wraps look amazing!!


  6. I put collards on my shopping list, I am totally jumping on this bandwagon! 😀


  7. Posted by a taste of health with balance on January 31, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    yay for collard wraps!! i stuffed mine with spaghetti squash and a raw sauce made with nut yeast/hemp seeds/red pepper etc, and it was beyond delicious!


  8. I’ve never tried collard raw! Does it taste similar to anything else? Lettuce? Spinach? I’m super curious now! =)

    It looks amazing! Are you going to link up to what I ate wednesday again this week? I hope so! My day of food is kind of ridiculous and slightly embarrassing — but i’m so excited to post it and laugh! =)



  9. Hope it holds better for you now. I had to watch a video before I got how to do it. Tricky stuff. Great idea for a picnic.


  10. I’ve never had Collard before, what does it taste like? That being said, I love making wraps with Romain lettuce. Yummm!


  11. Posted by Kerri on February 1, 2011 at 12:29 am

    I am not a fan of collards or any cooked greens really. I may try it this way though…


  12. Those collard wraps are BEAUTIFUL!


  13. I just tried the almond butter banana wrap – delicious!! Thanks for the idea!


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