What I Ate Wednesday – 2/1/11

Another week of What I Ate Wednesday with Peas and Crayons.

Once again, I chose Monday.  I am home most of Monday, so I have more time to spend on my meals (and taking pictures of them).  Maybe next week I’ll choose a different day when I eat away from home or have to pull together a dinner for the family in 20 minutes.

This week my kids asked me to take pictures of some of their foods too, so it’s more appropriately titled “What We Ate on Monday.”


kidspumpkin bread, clementines, frozen blueberries, red pepper strips and some of The Husband’s breakfast smoothie

Me – Peanut Butter + Spinach+Frozen Banana + Rice Milk Smoothie



Kids -(not pictured) cranberries and raisins, Bunny Grahams

me – Pure Bar – pardon the cell phone photo


Big Sister – cheese + tortilla, oranges, red peppers, carrots

Little Brother – tortilla, banana and yogurt

Me Broccoli Slaw + Cranberries + Sunflower Seeds atop salad greens


Kids (not pictured) – apple, ice cream sandwich

I do have a picture of the ice cream sandwich crumbs on the face….

and a cute picture of a car and toddler mishap:

and back to the food…..

Me – pistachios and dark chocolate+caramel


White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Soup from Clean Start, Bread, Butter and Fruit

The kids ate the beans out and had mostly bread, butter and fruit for dinner.

As with last week, it was a pretty appliance heavy day again.  I used the crockpot to make some veggie broth for the soup and for some miso soup for breakfasts later this week.



I used the breadmaker for the dinner bread.

I used the vitamix for my morning smoothie and used the dehydrator to dry some buckwheat (not pictured).  The juicer and food processor got the day off.  🙂

That was my Monday in food.  As for the life part, there was a kick-my-tail-but-that-isn’t-too-hard-to-do Spin Class, a trip to the grocery store with a hungry 2 year old who ate every sample in sight, some Bible study homework, some attempted potty training which involved his first time using the bathroom outside – of the joys of being a boy (hence the chocolate snack for me and ice cream sandwiches for the kids)  and some lego building.  There was also some attempted kite flying with the kids that was both fun and a good workout, but I was too busy enjoying the moment to catch any photos.

Hope you are having a good week!

ps – I LOVE this idea for Valentine’s Day cards.  Check it out.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Your kids seem like great eaters! My niece will only eat nuggets, fries, bread, rice and fruit [and candy/cakes/desserts! duh. ughhhh] and it makes me fear for her heatlth. I’m glad your littles ones appreciate color on their plate! ❤ Lucky girl!

    Your soup looks awesome! How did you like it? Would you make it again? Wow i'm nosey! ❤ Happy Wednesday darling! xoxo


  2. That version of the green monster with almond milk is one of my ultimate favorites! 🙂


  3. I’m headed to check out the Heart Day cards. 🙂

    I need a breadmaker. stat.

    Your food looks wholesome and wonderful and tasty. 🙂


  4. Love the looks of that soup. Were the kids afraid of the kale in the soup? At least they like beans! And fresh bread, no wonder they scarfed it!


  5. Don’t you love your vitamix? I’ve had mine less than a week and I’m a huge fan. Your meals look so healthy and good! Jumping over from Peas & Crayons. 🙂


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