Random Gems from My Camera

to read


what people think I eat when I say I’m a high raw vegetarian

Store in my dining room (click on photo to enlarge)

biggest cauliflower I’ve ever seen (an only $1.98)

Super Bowl = Reason to Eat Dips for Dinner


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  1. I had the read aloud handbook, it has a lot of good recommendations. Enjoy it! I also have Viva Vegan but haven’t made anything from it yet.


  2. My reason to eat dips for dinner is massage therapy school. 😉


  3. Posted by Kerri on February 9, 2011 at 12:40 am

    What do people say when you tell them you are a high raw vegetarian? I dont think people have even heard of that here.


    • They just look at me weird. 🙂 I usually leave out the high raw part unless they start to ask me more about what I eat. Of course, as I am typing this, I am eating a not even remotely raw peanut butter cookie. It is vegetarian….because, really, who puts meat into cookies?


  4. When I clicked to enlarge the store picture and saw the gorgeous bracelets I realized that I received one of those very gems in the package you sent me! I guess I owe someone a penny!


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