Snow Day Eats

I live in San Antonio, Texas.  Home of the Alamo.  And, no Pee Wee, there is no basement in the Alamo.

San Antonio is known for it’s place in Texas history, the Tex Mex food and several tourist attractions like the Riverwalk and Sea World.  It’s known for being hot.  It’s not, however, known for winter.  Certainly not for snow.  I had even made statements to my daughter (who spent the first 2.5 years of her life in Minnesota which is known for winter and snow) that we’ll never see snow in San Antonio.

Last Friday I was proven wrong.  Just barely, but wrong.

Sled is from our MN days and, lo and behold, it got used again.  Who knew?  Our snow shoes, however, stayed in the attic, where I think they will live the duration of their San Antonio lives.


Onto the food – linking up to Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday


What We Ate Wednesday- the San Antonio Snow Day Version


I really like to bake and consider myself a decent baker.  My kids, always keeping me humble, like nothing more than blueberry muffins from a boxed mix.  It is their very favorite baked good.  I baked a box of muffins to celebrate the snow day.  They ate 4 a piece.  I had one (they are fantastic straight out of the oven) and a bowl of steel cut oats.


I had a bowl of Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup.

We had two neighbor friends over for the day.  I played short order cook for all four kids.

Clockwise from left: bean and cheese quesadilla (for my son), pb&j (for neighbor friend 1), nachos (for neighbor friend 2) and cheese quesadilla (for my daughter)

Lunch was served under the table in the ‘cave’.


Banana Oatmeal Cookies (from scratch, take that Betty Crocker and your delicious muffins).  The four kids finished the pan in record time.  Under the table, of course.


Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie and fruit.  Eaten sitting at the table. I’m a kill joy like that.

The snow dusting was gone the next morning, much to my kid’s dismay. Leftover boxed blueberry muffins eased the pain a bit.


13 responses to this post.

  1. looks like a super fun snow day!!!


  2. You cooked for all those munchkins? have I told you you’re my hero? you so are!

    Thanks for linking up your eats! ❤ This looks like a fantabulous snow day! i might get snow tomorrow! eee!


  3. I’m pretty impressed your little ones at 4 muffins each!
    And after all those personalized lunches, you’re going to be the cool mom, I just know!


  4. We had our snow day in Austin last week, and today was all icy and gross… we live in Texas, right?! 😉


  5. I can’t believe the weather in the country- it’s going absolutely crazy!

    Your kids are so, so cute and so lucky that you cook and bake for them. I bet they will remember snow days like this!


  6. Best day of food ever! Everything looks so delicious! Any suggestions on how to get the pickiest 3 year old ever to eat anything?!


  7. Posted by Kate on February 10, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    i laugh at your snow 🙂 looks like you all had a wonderful day!


  8. Aww, what a fun snow day!! Great memories for your kids (and you!). 🙂

    The picture of Pee Wee made me laugh. I used to LOVE that movie growing up! Haha.


  9. I love that the kids ate under the table! Fun!


  10. See now I could handle that kind of snow day!
    Forts are the best. My brother and I never got sick of making forts! 🙂 And eating in them is the icing on the cake!


  11. this weather is crazy, i know! at least your kids are having a blast!


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  13. […] weekly installment of our daily eats isn’t quite as exciting as the Valentine’s Day or Snow Day versions.  Today was a pretty normal Wednesday, no holidays or frozen precipitation to […]


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