I came, I posed, I sweated.

I successfully completed my first Bikram class.  All 90 hot and sweaty minutes.  The instructor told me my only goal as a Bikram first-timer was to stay in the room for the entire session.  That made me a bit apprehensive, but I went on in.

It was hot.  I was nervous, but stubbornly determined.  The instructor walked in and announced there was a first timer and announced my name and asked some students to volunteer to move in front of me so I could watch them.  Not quite the subtle ‘oh don’t notice me’ vibe I was going for.  Nice.

The opening breathing exercises were very odd and didn’t seem natural to me at all.  I did them, but got even more worried about what the next 80ish minutes would entail.  Thankfully the rest of the poses were somewhat familiar.  I could do most of the poses in their basic form, which was encouraging.  There were some folks in the class who were clearly advanced and doing very impressive expressions of the poses.  Not me.  I was just praying not to fall too much.

Overall, it was a good workout, but I didn’t find it life changing.  Some of the Bikram fans seem almost cult-like in their devotion, so I was curiously wondering if I would leave the class on some sort of high.  I really just left hot.  It felt like a nice work out and I am mildly sore in my obliques and hamstrings today, but I’ve felt more excited and pumped up after an Insanity workout.

I have 9 more classes on my 10 card class (shout out to Groupon for making this possible), and I intend on going several more times.  There is still more time to convert me…..and to give me this physique….


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  1. Sounds interesting Michelle. I do want to eventually try a Bikram yoga class. I think I have lost my heat tolerance powers now that I have moved to a temperate climate. I used to live in a tropical climate for several years and got pretty good at managing heat; every workout for me was a bikram yoga class as the gym I worked out in did not have aircon in the main lifting area! I used to feel like I was on fire some days.


  2. Posted by Kerri on February 27, 2011 at 3:10 am

    I hate yoga. Don’t get it. I much rather be moving.


  3. I used to go to Bikram 3-4 times a week and then I got really really bored. The same 26 poses over and over over…yeah.

    I HATE those breathing exercises in the beginning. I sometimes would purposfully show up 5 minutes late so I could “miss” them.

    I do really love the heat though. I alwasys felt really lose when I was done.


  4. I love Bikram! Stick with it girl, you will really start to see benefits! It’s a bit strange your first few times but it worked wonders with me! i swear by it! 🙂 haha


  5. Super interesting though! I wonder if by the end of your card you’ll be an addict? I have a new spinning instructor and after one class I vowed to never miss another class again… she’s got me so stoked! Hopefully the body tone classes and such are as addicting! I’ll know tuesday!

    wishing us luck! ❤ hehe xo


  6. I cannot convince myself at this juncture to brave the Bikram… I’ll be interested to hear about the rest of your journey!


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bikram! I seriously hated it so much at the beginning because I felt like a weirdo, I felt SO out of shape, and they’d call you out if you dropped from a pose, but after a month I was hooked. For me it was the biggest stress reliever I’ve ever found. I carry all my tension in my shoulders and back and Bikram has been the only solution to actually make me feel like a human after stressful days. The breathing exercises would always help me if I had been around smoke or pollution the night before, like I was actually pushing the toxins out of my lungs. I haven’t gone in forever because it just got really expensive, so I usually just do it on my balcony in the Texas heat, but I’d love to get back in there! Stick with it girl! 🙂


  8. I LOVE hot yoga! It is definitely my favorite type, although I really don’t like the beginning breathing exercises either.


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