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How McDonalds Screwed Up Oatmeal – I’ll admit to trying the oatmeal a couple of times.  You give me a coupon for a free product that is reasonably healthy and I’ll almost always use it.  The first time I asked for no brown sugar, assuming it meant plain.  It came out with the ‘cream’ sauce and was too sweet to eat.  Even the kids thought it was too sweet (and this was without the brown sugar).  I ended up eating out the apples and cranberries.  The next time I asked for only oatmeal, hot water and fruit and it came out as just instant oatmeal with fruit.  Much better.

Has anyone tried the McDonald’s oatmeal?



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  1. Apparently it has cornstarch in it too? Why does that even need to be there!?


  2. I dont like the mcdonalds oats at all :-/


  3. Posted by Kate on March 3, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    havent tried mcdonalds oats. i got excited when we started selling them at cbou but it was the same thing. super duper sweet with sugar added plus pumps of coffee syrup and compotes and sweetened nuts and dried fruits. ish! too much!


  4. leave it to mcdonalds to eff anything up.


    • True, but I do appreciate that all of their bathrooms have changing tables. We stopped almost exclusively at McDonalds on road trips because we knew there would be a changing table. Now that we are potty trained (and diaper free for the first time in 5 years) we will have to change it up on the next road trip.


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