A New Use For Green Onions

I’ve had a pretty uneventful week.

Uneventful if you don’t count me having to say “Stop brushing your brother’s hair with the {green} onions and put them back into the cart” to my daughter yesterday.  Never would I think that combination of words would have come out of my mouth.

Uneventful if you don’t count my kombucha literally dousing my entire dash board today in the store parking lot as I opened it.  I cleaned it up with {clean} thomas the train underwear from my purse.  Never did I think I would combine kombucha and thomas the train underwear in the same sentence.

Uneventful if you don’t count going to the doctor because the kale is still out to get me.  The smaller of the bad cuts is now nice and swollen and in danger of turning into an absess.  Lov-e-ly.  So, I’m now on Cipro (antiboitic) for a few days while I hope and pray that there is no further reason to suffer and pay for my kale-related injuries.

probiotics + antibiotics

Can someone tell me if it makes sense to take them during the same day?  Or does the antibiotic just defeat the purpose?  Maybe I should wait until I’m off the antibiotics.  Anyone?

Also, isn’t Cipro the drug that was prescribed during the Ant*hr*ax scare a few years ago?  So I guess I can open my mail with no fear for the next few days.  What a relief.

So I’m actually sitting down to the computer for more than a couple of minutes for the first time in a few days.  Eating salad out of the container.  Classy I am.  Go easy on me, I’m injured.

My kids are eating a late lunch while watching Wow Wow Wubzy.  Yes, I occasionally let them eat lunch in front of the TV.  Go easy on me, I cleaned up kombucha with underwear today.

How many other food blogs have pictures with their kid’s feet next to their plates?  I have no idea what she was doing.  This is the girl who brushes her brother’s hair with green onions.  Also, please note that there are exactly the same number of blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, celery and cucumbers on both plates. Also note that today was they day they didn’t even count to compare, rendering my parceling out in the kitchen useless. I’d like those 4 minutes back.

Tonight’s dinner will be a new recipe from Eat Drink and Be Vegan, the third recipe from that book in a week.

What is the most random thing you’ve said this week?

Also – check out this giveaway for a Healthy Habits kid’s plate at Happy Healthy Mama.

vitamins and supplements
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14 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry, but kids are just hilarious. (I know I’m on the outside looking in and I’ll probably feel differently in a few years!)
    I’ve always taken Cipro with me when I travel to Haiti and I always took tons of probiotics to try to cover the bases I guess!


  2. Oh ouch! So sorry about the injury. I hate hand cuts because it makes it so hard to prep food.

    I have usually waited to take probiotics until the antibiotics are used up but it probably won’t hurt to take them at the same time as well.

    That’s awesome you even had a spare underwear in your purse. Moms carry the funniest things.


  3. oh wow, that does sound like a rough day. i hope writing the sentence with thomas underpants and kombucha brightened it a bit!


  4. I used to tell clients to take the probiotics in the morning and the antibiotic several hours later. so you’re constantly pumping in what you’re taking out good bacteria wise =) vice versa may work as well =) as long as you’re getting them in a few hours apart you should be golden!

    and that hand is beyond creepy. thank god it was a gift. it haunts her husband =)


  5. as a complete non-expert. i don’t think that probiotics could hurt… but they aren’t cheap and the antibiotic is probably just eating them up. but who knows maybe it’s helping keep some balance. and i have to say i laughed out loud. kombucha and thomas the train. hilarious. feel better.

    a giveaway!!! yay!!!


  6. Posted by Kerri on March 4, 2011 at 2:52 am

    Yes, cipro was given in the antrax scare. Today in my micro class we were discussing beer pong and I asked them what the reservoir of infection in beer pong, and what was the mode of transmission.


  7. Uneventful my ass!! 😉


  8. You are so funny!

    I myself was wondering if it made sense to take probiotics with my antibiotics this week 😉

    And I’ve done that with panties…only ours are Dora.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Oh gosh. This was hilarious. I would have been so mad about my lost Kombucha! NOOOOOO!!

    I CONSTANTLY have to count out EVERYTHING. Even when I dish up casseroles I have to make sure someone doesn’t end up with too much of something. They always compare. It’s nutso.


  10. i was told that the antibiotic will kill the probiotic. since the antibiotics kill all bacteria..unfortunately that means that it must kill the good bugs too. but after ur done ur antibiotic treatment- definitely load up on the good probiotic bugs! 🙂



  11. i have lots of funny quotes written down by my family, some random ones from me….but for this past week i can only think of my hubby’s weird ramblings about something we saw in downtown seattle….it included the phrase “for realzies?” also a text he got from a friend wanting to go out and “get smashed”. hubby was like, “what??? i haven’t gotten smashed since i was 20. getting smashed hurts.”


  12. Oh. my. I hope your cut heals up soon. Sounds like a rough week. Maybe this next one will be better!


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