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We Are the Champions


kids:pumpkin bread + fruit

me: green smoothie


boy: pb&j, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, mango and celery
girl: cheese+ tortillas, mangoes, berries, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, celery

In case you need proof that my kids eat their lunch, I present the School Day report:

My little guy is the ‘lunch champion’ for 9 days and counting.  We’re raising champions over here.  No wonder I’m so worn out at the end of the day.  Champions are demanding little things.

me: white bean+cashew spread from Eat Drink and Be Vegan, veggies

I too ate all my lunch, but there was no report card for me.  I hereby name myself Lunch Champion.  You can be one too.

Tired Mom’s Black Bean Taco Dinner

My 20 minute start to finish dinner:

  • taco shells, baked at 350 for 7 minutes
  • black beans (from a can), heated for 1 minute – sometimes I season them, sometimes that is too much effort
  • shredded lettuce+chopped cilantro+avocado+diced tomato+shredded cheese
  • jarred salsa
  • chopped fruit
  • that’s all

What is your dinner on tired nights?

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What I Ate Wednesday

This weekly installment of our daily eats isn’t quite as exciting as the Valentine’s Day or Snow Day versions.  Today was a pretty normal Wednesday, no holidays or frozen precipitation to celebrate.

I started my day at 4 am for no particular reason, just unable to sleep.  I snuck downstairs and watched last week’s Glee.  If I can’t be sleeping, watching Glee isn’t a bad 2nd alternative.  🙂

Once the munchkins awoke we started our morning.  I had a slice of Rustic Banana Oat Cake from Oh She Glows (I left out the chocolate chips and didn’t do the glaze).

The boy had Banana Cake, apples, frozen blueberries and frozen peaches.  The girl didn’t like the cake, so she had toast with jelly, apples, frozen blueberries and frozen peaches.

Wednesday is a preschool day, so I packed their lunches.  This is a recycled photo, but my kids eat pretty much the same lunch each preschool day.  The girl likes cheese + tortillas, while the boy likes pb&j.

We got in the car and I had a driving snack of hot lemon water and some cut up veggies (in my super fancy kid’s plastic cup).

I dropped off the kids and skipped happily to the car and headed to Starbucks for my third round of breakfast.  China Green Tips tea and an orange, enjoyed while catching up on Facebook and then doing some Bible Study.  Facebook and the Good Book.  That’s how I roll.

After a fantastic and much needed yoga class, I dropped by the store for bananas and came out $30 later with more than bananas.  Including a little treat for myself, Kombucha.

I started to make my salad and when it came time for the lime juice, I had to head to the study to pick a lime of the ‘fruit cart’ that my daughter assembled last night.  See the black scarf?  She uses it to pull the fruit cart around the house, dropping oranges in her trail.  If you come over in a few weeks and find a moldy orange behind a bookshelf, you’ll know why.

See that blue paper contraption?

Want a closer look?  It is an ocean for Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid).

Gratuitous Construction Paper Cleavage Shot…..

Back to the salad.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Or the blue construction paper sea.  🙂

I had one of my favorite salad combinations and caught up on laundry folding while catching up on a November episode of The Good Wife (I’m really behind).  My kind of multitasking – laundry and tv.

field greens + avocado + cilantro + lime juice+ macadamia oil+ hemp seeds

I was still a little hungry, so I had my second lunch of the day while gazing at the folded laundry and enjoying the quiet.

1/2 a frozen pizza – sometimes I eat like a rabbit, other times like a teenage boy

As with most Wednesdays, my 5 hours of kid-free time goes by in what feels like 20 minutes.  I picked up my munchkins and came home to start the afternoon routine.

The kids had snacks, complete with oranges picked off the fruit cart.

banana cake + cara cara oranges + tortilla + avocado triscuits

For dinner we had some crockpot lentil soup, Coscto sourdough bread and fruit.  Because it was a long afternoon with some cranky kids, I enjoyed my lentils with a nice Malbec.  No offense to the soup, but I enjoyed the wine the most.

How was your Wednesday?

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Love Food (Valentine’s Day Eats)

As I mentioned on Monday, Valentine’s Day has become a much more enjoyable holiday now that I make it about loving on my family and less about the romance.  Nothing against romance, but I prefer romantic gestures to be on less commercialized days.

This is our 4th year of doing a pink and red dinner, but I decided to make this year’s whole day of meals festive.  If you keep reading, you’ll see how we ended the day with a new and unexpected red addition….

Lest I get further ahead of myself, we’ll start the day’s recap…

The husband was supposed to leave really early for a conference call, but got a nice Valentine’s Day surprise of a dead car battery.  No amount of muttering and attempted battery jumping worked, so he shut himself in our bedroom and took the 2 hour call at home.  All this to say, he didn’t get to participate in the special breakfast.

I prepared a Valentine’s Day themed morning meal:

Blueberry muffins from a box (the second appearance in 2 weeks and the last until a birthday) + strawberry yogurt with red sprinkles + whipped cream with sprinkles + strawberries + pink lemonade and sparkling water

My little valentines viewing the breakfast table:

Twirly Straws make everything better.

I had a less festive but no less delicious breakfast of vegan cookie dough oatmeal (recipe coming soon).

I packed my daughter’s lunch for preschool.

cheese tortillas + fruits and vegetables

The preschool class was all abuzz with Valentine’s Day excitement.  It was really sweet.  Not only was it Valentine’s Day, but it was also pajama day, which is adorably exciting to the kids.  Pajamas?  To School?  So funny for 4 and 5 year olds.

My little guy and I came back home, picked up the husband and drove him to work.  After dropping him off, we drove to the gym and I got to enjoy a run with some new music – thanks for the suggestions!  We came back home and had some snacks.

He had a cookie.

I had a redish-green smoothie.

Purple Kale + Strawberries + Raspberries + 1/2 frozen banana + water

We played for a bit and enjoyed some Love Day themed Dora the Explorer.  That show is starting to get old after 2.5 years of watching it, but it is his current favorite and he only gets to watch when his sister isn’t around, so sat beside him, tuned out the strange yelling-instead-of-talking of Dora and played Scrabble on my iPod while he enjoyed the show.

We had some lunch.

PB&J + vegetables

Non-festive Butternut  Squash and Coconut soup (recipe to come) and Kombucha

Upon arrival home from preschool, there was an immediate dumping out of the school valentine’s day bag.  All cards and sweets were thoroughly inspected.  They each got to eat one.  The girl chose a hershey kiss, the boy chose a sucker.  I, however, chose kale chips.

When dinner time finally arrived, we welcomed over some family friends and had our 4th Annual Pink and Red Dinner.  For the fourth year in a row we had Penne with Tomato Cream Sauce (which is almost pink).  New to the table this year was some Valentine’s Day Cheese Ravioli that we found at Costco.  It was pretty good.  I also set out some jarred tomato sauce.

We had red produce: cherry tomatoes, strawberries and red peppers.

And our traditional heart shaped focaccia bread.

As for the new addition to this year’s dinner….

During a rambunctious game of chase (is there any other kind?) in the house (bad idea 1) with overly excited kids (bad idea 2), there was a collision involving my daughter’s tooth and my son’s forehead.  So, the new red addition to our dinner was blood, generously provided by both kids.

After some TLC, a failed attempt to go to Urgent Care (which was jam packed), a quick trip to CVS for some first aid supplies and some ice packs, we patched him up.  He seems no worse for the wear, but may sport a little scar to always remind him and us of Valentine’s Day 2011.

Hope your Valentine’s was equally as exciting, but without the head injury.  🙂

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Snow Day Eats

I live in San Antonio, Texas.  Home of the Alamo.  And, no Pee Wee, there is no basement in the Alamo.

San Antonio is known for it’s place in Texas history, the Tex Mex food and several tourist attractions like the Riverwalk and Sea World.  It’s known for being hot.  It’s not, however, known for winter.  Certainly not for snow.  I had even made statements to my daughter (who spent the first 2.5 years of her life in Minnesota which is known for winter and snow) that we’ll never see snow in San Antonio.

Last Friday I was proven wrong.  Just barely, but wrong.

Sled is from our MN days and, lo and behold, it got used again.  Who knew?  Our snow shoes, however, stayed in the attic, where I think they will live the duration of their San Antonio lives.


Onto the food – linking up to Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday


What We Ate Wednesday- the San Antonio Snow Day Version


I really like to bake and consider myself a decent baker.  My kids, always keeping me humble, like nothing more than blueberry muffins from a boxed mix.  It is their very favorite baked good.  I baked a box of muffins to celebrate the snow day.  They ate 4 a piece.  I had one (they are fantastic straight out of the oven) and a bowl of steel cut oats.


I had a bowl of Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup.

We had two neighbor friends over for the day.  I played short order cook for all four kids.

Clockwise from left: bean and cheese quesadilla (for my son), pb&j (for neighbor friend 1), nachos (for neighbor friend 2) and cheese quesadilla (for my daughter)

Lunch was served under the table in the ‘cave’.


Banana Oatmeal Cookies (from scratch, take that Betty Crocker and your delicious muffins).  The four kids finished the pan in record time.  Under the table, of course.


Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie and fruit.  Eaten sitting at the table. I’m a kill joy like that.

The snow dusting was gone the next morning, much to my kid’s dismay. Leftover boxed blueberry muffins eased the pain a bit.

What I Ate Wednesday – 2/1/11

Another week of What I Ate Wednesday with Peas and Crayons.

Once again, I chose Monday.  I am home most of Monday, so I have more time to spend on my meals (and taking pictures of them).  Maybe next week I’ll choose a different day when I eat away from home or have to pull together a dinner for the family in 20 minutes.

This week my kids asked me to take pictures of some of their foods too, so it’s more appropriately titled “What We Ate on Monday.”


kidspumpkin bread, clementines, frozen blueberries, red pepper strips and some of The Husband’s breakfast smoothie

Me – Peanut Butter + Spinach+Frozen Banana + Rice Milk Smoothie



Kids -(not pictured) cranberries and raisins, Bunny Grahams

me – Pure Bar – pardon the cell phone photo


Big Sister – cheese + tortilla, oranges, red peppers, carrots

Little Brother – tortilla, banana and yogurt

Me Broccoli Slaw + Cranberries + Sunflower Seeds atop salad greens


Kids (not pictured) – apple, ice cream sandwich

I do have a picture of the ice cream sandwich crumbs on the face….

and a cute picture of a car and toddler mishap:

and back to the food…..

Me – pistachios and dark chocolate+caramel


White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Soup from Clean Start, Bread, Butter and Fruit

The kids ate the beans out and had mostly bread, butter and fruit for dinner.

As with last week, it was a pretty appliance heavy day again.  I used the crockpot to make some veggie broth for the soup and for some miso soup for breakfasts later this week.



I used the breadmaker for the dinner bread.

I used the vitamix for my morning smoothie and used the dehydrator to dry some buckwheat (not pictured).  The juicer and food processor got the day off.  🙂

That was my Monday in food.  As for the life part, there was a kick-my-tail-but-that-isn’t-too-hard-to-do Spin Class, a trip to the grocery store with a hungry 2 year old who ate every sample in sight, some Bible study homework, some attempted potty training which involved his first time using the bathroom outside – of the joys of being a boy (hence the chocolate snack for me and ice cream sandwiches for the kids)  and some lego building.  There was also some attempted kite flying with the kids that was both fun and a good workout, but I was too busy enjoying the moment to catch any photos.

Hope you are having a good week!

ps – I LOVE this idea for Valentine’s Day cards.  Check it out.

What I Ate – Monday’s Menu

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Here was Monday’s eats:

Morning Juice Ingredients (which I had to re-arrange when I realized the first arrangement (with the cuke and carrot perpendicular to the bag, between the two round fruits) looked rather, uh, male)

The Juice. I hadn’t juiced in a few weeks, but felt the need for an instant energy fix after a rough night with my sick little guy.  The juice did it’s magic and had me feeling almost normal and ready to face a day of kid chasing.

Breakfast a couple of hours later was steel cut oats topped with bananas, coconut and pecans.

I snacked on some Hail Merry Grawnola while writing my review and giveaway.  Good stuff.

For lunch I turned leftover Cracklin Cauliflower from Peas and Thank You into a curried cauliflower soup.  I added some vegetable broth, a splash of rice milk and half of a (leftover) boiled potato and blended away.  My husband has an almost instant gag reflex to even the smell of curry powder, so I have to consume my RDA of curries during lunch.



It made two of these bowls and I ate both.

I had a afternoon snack of a banana-almond milk-coconut smoothie.  Which looks awesome atop an Elmo placemat.

For dinner I made pizzas.  The kids had a cheese pizza which they barely touched.  Nice.  The husband and I did our usual his and hers pizza.  He had chicken apple sausage with peppers and I had spinach, goat cheese, pine nuts and red peppers.  We ate the whole thing.  Nice.

Looking back, it was a pretty appliance heavy day.  I used the juicer, rice cooker (to cook the oats overnight), Vita Mix (twice), Kitchen Aid (to make the pizza dough), stove top and oven.  No wonder I felt all dishwashed out that night.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my eats.  Go enter the Hail Merry giveaway and come back Friday for another giveaway.