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All the Cool Kids Eat Collard Wraps

After reading Gena’s tutorial on Collard Wraps and realizing I had been wrapping them wrong all this time (oh the horror), I rectified the situation and made a proper Collard Wrap.  I’m glad to finally be legitimate in my wrapping.  It’s like finally sitting at the popular table.

Turns out the secret is in cutting the stem slightly off, not removing it.  Who knew?  Clearly not me.

The kids and I did a picnic lunch last week.  They had pb&j, as collard wraps aren’t exactly their style.  I keep hoping they’ll come around, but am not holding my breath.  I used hummus (store bought/not raw), romaine and red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, red peppers and carrots.

Rolled it all up…. voila!

I also made a dessert wrap with almond butter and banana.

I love wraps for sack lunches, as they travel and keep well.  It’s like a hand held salad – no utensils needed.

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I know my taste buds have changed…

when I eat this for breakfast:

collard greens + avocado + banana – inspired by  Raw for $10 a day

and find it wonderfully satisfying.  I truly crave raw greens in the morning.  Maybe I am morphing into a rabbit.  Or, I guess a cow, but I’d prefer to be seen as a rabbit.

What’s for breakfast in your kitchen today?

If you had to be viewed as an herbivore, what would be your animal of choice?